Insuide Technologies P LtD: The Wisefly APP Redefining Indoor Navigation Solution for Businesses and International Airpo

Muhaimin Saidu,Co-Founder& CEO

Delivering organisations with opportunities to strengthen brand awareness along with enhanced customer experience through location based contextual and personalised messages that ultimately lead to higher conversions; Proximity Marketing has emerged as the order of the day. With Bluetooth and beacons at its heart, proximity marketing is steadily taking over the retail marketplace while restaurant chains, real estate, gaming arenas along with social applications and mobile payments are following suit. Estimated to grow up to a staggering 52.46 Billion USD by 2022 globally, this technology is soon expected to make it big in India as well.

Comprehending the global wave of proximity marketing, Insuide Technologies, an indoor navigation solution provider based in Bangalore with offices in Mumbai, UAE and Europe, has developed a unique application that leverages the power of this technology to enhance passengers’ experience at Airports and the Aviation industry. WiseFly, a Global Airports and Travel App solution enables and empowers airport authorities to maximise resources and productivity, manage security, ensure smooth functioning of all its operations by mediating the rush hour, improving sitting arrangements to accommodate more passengers and gain insight into the various requirements of the passengers. Confectionaries and retail outlets play an important role in accentuating the experience at airports. They are, however, required to pay a substantial premium at airports. As such, confectionaries and retail outlets will find WiseFly quite beneficial to enhance their visibility and increase the number of footfalls in their stores, thus resulting in increased revenues. On the passengers’ side, staying right on time is most important. But with constant changes in the gate number chances of getting delayed are high. WiseFly emerges as a lifesaver here, notifying concerned passengers in real-time as and when various changes in the flight plans take place while also calculating the time required to relocate. Passengers’experience is further enhanced with interactive maps
which help navigate throughout the airport and to the new terminal. In case of any emergencies, all that the passenger is required to do is click the emergency button on the application which directly notifies the airport authorities of distress along with the exact location.

" With 8+ Airports under implementation and 10+ in the pipeline, we have a happy situation of executing these in parallel tracks!"

Afore mentioned were only a few of the many application areas where WiseFly proves to be rewarding. In addition to proximity, the application also leverages a variety of both cutting-edge technologies and available factors such as Geo magnetic fields and Gyroscope as well as old school Bluetooth beacons and low frequency Wi-Fi which work together to notify that position of the smartphone user with high accuracy. A combination of sensors is used to collect and monitor data that is relevant to businesses thereby enhancing Customer Experience.

Starting off in Bangalore, InSuide Technology is strengthened by its R&D lab in Mumbai, with a strong sales presence across Middle east, EU, North America and parts of Asia. Since its inception, the company has been working to develop innovative solutions and take proximity technology to the next level. Under the Lead ership of the CEO and Co-founder Mr. Muhaimin Saidu, CTO and Co-founder Sandeep Anand S, Co-founders Stanny J D and Mohan Krishna, ably supported by Mr.K S Krishnamurthy an Aviation Industry giant, known globally; along with a team of seasoned innovators as solution engineers, Insuide's Wisefly has already found implementation in more than 8 international airports and is currently in the process of expanding further. “With 8+ Airports under implementation and 10+ in the pipeline, we have a happy situation of executing these in parallel tracks!” InSuide also delivers indoor navigation solutions to malls and manufacturing industries among others.