Esmartify: Delivering Personalized User Experience with Robust Beacon Technology

Ravi Shankar Bharti, CTO
Marketers are increasingly turning towards proximity technology to attain more information about customers and to better target them. While there are a host of technology methods for implementing proximity marketing solutions, beacon technology has been the most widespread technology as of now. Beacon technology is reshaping retail marketing with users encountering a seamless shopping experience. For retail marketers, it translates to reaching the right person at the right time with the right message. However, monitoring all the beacon IDs and mapping them to the content or function one may want their detection to trigger can prove to be an arduous task. The more locations one uses the beacons, and the more the things they are associated to change and the harder this information management challenge becomes. The team at Esmartify, based in Madhya Pradesh, guarantees and delivers an easy and seamless way to update the information to each beacon leveraging a fine-tuned algorithm. This functionality is provided to the retailers via Esmartify's Customer Dashboard.

The company perfectly understands that every organization is different with their own unique set of needs. While some may want to attract more customers, other organizations aim at raising brand awareness and some want to proffer great User Experience to their customers. The company strongly believes in deviating from the fairly largely adopted cookie cutter approach and works with clients to detect the problem, find its solution and verify if the Proximity Technology Solution can actually help, after which it is implemented. “We work closely with the organizations and try to understand their precise goals and ROI expected. Only after that, we bring Proximity Technology Solutions in the picture,” affirms Shikhar Bansal, CEO at Esmartify.
" We work closely with the organizations and try to understand their precise goals and ROI expected. Only after that, we bring Proximity Technology Solutions in the picture"

Founded by two IIT Indore Computer Science graduates, Shikhar Bansal, CEO and Ravi Bharti, CTO along with an IIM Indore Professor Dr. Nagarajan Krishnamurthy, Esmartify completely transforms Places to Smart Places utilizing IoT Beacons and Machine Learning. The company extends their services to retailers with their novel offering Accio which is the only app a user has to install in order to receive contextual messages from any Retailer. With this offering, the retailer does not need to spend their time and resources on building an app and publicizing it as it is already available. “When the user is in the vicinity of a retailer, the user receives the contextual message then and there,” informs Shikhar.

Shikhar Bansal, CEO

Also aware of the security concerns one may have towards adopting beacon based operations, the company uses new generation beacons that possess firmware level security with the team closely and continually monitoring each beacon. “We make a great use of proven as well as latest technologies to ensure security and speed,” confirms Ravi.

Gaining ground in this domain, Esmartify has completed two major projects with Indore Municipal Corporation and have successfully converted Indore's “Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya” into the First Smart Zoo of India. Enthralled by their progress in this sector, the company envisions expanding to Bhopal, Hyderabad and three more cities in the span of six months.