BPRISE: Enriching Data with Cutting-edge Proximity Technology Solutions

Sandeep Kuriakose, Founder and CEO

Proximity marketing technology, gradually gaining a foothold in the Indian market, is one of the most effective and economical marketing concepts. This trend has been fuelled by the permeation of smartphones with mobile based internet connections. Such technology is being leveraged to enable businesses to successfully interact with the targeted customers who expect superior customer engagement and customized information from their shopping ex perience. Brick and mortar businesses need their offline and online reach to work in tandem with customer requirements. However, proximity technology is more than just beacon technology and an amalgamation of information from various data points. It demands deep rooted knowledge and the ability to translate data into actionable insights like mapping the customer’s movements and experiences for bettering customer retention and driving revenue.

Giving Marketing A Leg Up With Offline& Online Analytics
More than just a proximity technology solutions provider, Mumbai based BPRISE operates as an adtech company and a digital marketing suite provider. Sandeep Kuriakose, founder, and CEO of BPRISE, with over a decade of industry rich experience in Sales, Distribution and Marketing, emphasizes that the combined forces of their novel technologies and expertise assist brands to seamlessly manage campaigns, run programmatic retargeting on the country's leading websites, apps and social media platforms. They leverage their partnership with businesses to attribute conversions to the right campaigns on specific channels and ensure adherence to the bottomline objective of cost-effective sales. Going beyond just integrating data is lands, the company proffers a holistic view of the
customer’s entire lifecycle in the online and physical world and effectively combines this with their marketing suite. This strategic movement assists brands to communicate with customers across a broad range of mediums like email, SMS, digital ads, in app notifications and social media ads. “Through all these loops of communication, we are also able to track customer returns at the store and measure conversions and success rates of strategies accordingly. It’s integrated and full circle marketing like it should be,” expresses Sandeep.

BPRISE Bridging The Gap Between Offline & Online Data
Using proximity analyses, BPRISE gathers a 360 degree view of the customer’s journey and identifies customer touch points during the course of the journey. Sandeep explains, “We have always understood that both, offline and online need to work together in tandem, not in isolation. So, our data analysis, custom er engagement solutions and behaviour tracking cover both ends of the spectrum.” Campaigns need to be personalized and fine tuned specifically for each and every unique user. BPRISE helps agencies and advertisers launch campaigns for segmented audience buckets straight from their analytics and marketing dashboard. Their marketing suite gives brands the teeth to manage campaigns, re target on leading websites, apps, social media and attribute conversions to the right campaigns on the right channels.

Unifying Marketing & Analytics; Simplifying Brand Reach
The company harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence(AI)algorithms and feeds it with big data on online and offline shopping behavior, demographics, social networks, location information, and various other digital footprints to deliver ads that are very precise and predictive. Their marketing technologies also design targeted promotional campaigns based on location, time and inventory. Additionally, the team works towards training the system with Ma- chine Learning(ML)to recognize patterns from customer touchpoints and accordingly adapt to the rapidly changing preferences of users. Delivering quality solutions that are in stride with trending technologies, the company envisions making their unified marketing analytics dashboard more powerful by the end of this year, enabling clients to have an easier understanding of the metrics.